Providing support services to small & medium businesses as well as  to residential clients for 15 years. We pride ourselves in providing services with confidentiality and your security in mind.

I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide you the best solutions. We do this by forging strong relationships with our vendors and professional group memberships. We strive to keep informed on emerging technologies and product line ups.

I also pride myself in taking the time to explain in terms that are easy to understand subjects that may be gibberish to non-Techies.

Since I work with smaller clients, I do not need a large facility  which reduces overhead. With that pricing is reflective of this factor.

Providing services aimed at all levels of users gives me the ability to make sure you understand your needs while not buying  products you don't.

One on one training or small groups lets me make sure you understand subject matter to the level you desire. Over the years building a solid understanding that some  clients just want it to work and some want to know as much as possible.

Working with Seniors and first time users is one of the specialized services we offer. 

We honor our Seniors as well as our Military. Discounts offered for each client that falls within these groups.